Fender telecaster 5 way reverse switching wiring kit. solderless (import)

this is the budget version of my custom shop 5 way switching control kit for any telecaster style project.

this has good quality alpha 5 way switch and alpha 250k pots with mullard tropical fish capaitors

wired in reverse with the volume at the front. tone in the middle and 5 way switch at the back

Have you ever wished you could squeeze a little more tone out of your telecaster?
Or that you could do with a few more switching options?

Well here is the answer… bucky’s custom shop 5 way switching control plate
Fully loaded with all top quality parts and hand wired with the best quality 22 gauge cable

This how the kit works

Switch Position five runs the neck pickup through the 0.010uf capacitor on the switch for some great vintage tele twang

Switch position four runs both neck and bridge pickups together out of phase. This gives you a Stratocaster like quack.

Positions 1, 2 and 3 are your normal telecaster switching
You don’t need to modify your neck pickup like you do if you fit a 4 way switch
And this will work on any telecaster single coil pickups
very easy to fit.. with solderless contacts for your pickups and output jack

NOTE: some of these chrome control plate may have very light scratches.


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