New Feng Shui Protection Jade and Swarovski Crystal Rear View Mirror Charm NWT

New Beautiful Feng Shui PROTECTION Hand Carved Jade Luck Charm and Swarovski Crystal Rear View Mirror Ornament - Dangler - Red, Jade and Crystal AB colored crystals. Makes a great gift!

The charm will dangle approximately 7 inches below your rear view mirror and has over 20 Swarovski Crystals. The Jade charm measures approximately 2 inches. This maybe used to decorate something else, but are designed specifically to fit around your rear view mirror with its chain and lobster clasp for easy attaching and removing.

Feng Shui Jade Luck Charm - It is said that Jade is valuable since it brings forth luck. This Bagwa symbolizes protection and abundance. Hang it in your home or car, or carry it with you and you and your family can be protected from evil, negativity and harm and your life can overflow with success and abundance.

What are "AB" Crystals? The AB refers to the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights. They use AB whenever there is an iridescent coating. They are not colored, but rather give off a rainbow effect depending on how the light hits the crystals.

Colors may be slightly different than they appear on your screen.

Our items are not made for or by Swarovski and it is not sold with a Swarovski tag or box. Rather, it is made using Swarovski crystal elements.

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