FENTON 5" Iridized Sea Mist Green Crackle Vase

Up for auction I have a 5 inch vase made by the World Famous Fenton Art Glass Company of Williamstown West Virginia in 1992. Everyone I have asked about this piece has told me that they are EXTREMELY hard to find and that chances are I wouldn't ever see another one. I'm hoping someone else will enjoy it as much as I have. It is Sea Mist Green Crackle Glass that has been iridized (same process used to make carnival glass) and let me tell you the two treatments together leave you thinking one thing WOW!!! The factory ware number is 7644 L4. It stands 5 inches tall and is 5 inches at the widest point. It took me awhile to photograph it and get the pictures to show you the true beauty of the vase and I still don't think they do it any justice. Because of the way the piece was made the Fenton logo was sandblasted into the bottom (see last photo). These were made by plunging the glass into water and then reheating the glass to seal all of the cracks caused by the temperature change, and then blowing the glass out into the shape of the vase. I purchased this along with several hundred other pieces at an auction for a local art glass museum that closed. I didn't see a single piece that wasn't a great piece so keep checking back with me because I will be selling a large portion of the pieces on Ebay. This piece is in pristine condition

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