This hand painted, signed Art Glass, "DAYBREAK BASEKET" and was produced in 2006 for Fenton Glass. With its Kim Barley's refreshing it brings a youthful breath of naiveté to the trendy Fern Green Glass.

The approximate size is 8" tall, it is signed by " S. Batter " the original retail was $85.00 in 2006 - this item is MINT, and also has the silver label and hangtag.

Fenton Art Glass Company is the largest manufacturer of handmade colored glass in the United States.
The Fenton Art Glass Company was founded in 1905 by Frank L. Fenton and his brother John W. Fenton in an old glass factory building in Martins Ferry, Ohio. They began by painting decorations on glass blanks made by other glass manufacturers. Soon, being unable to get the glass they needed, they decided to produce their own glass. The first glass from the new Fenton factory in Williamstown, West Virginia, was made on January 2, 1907.
Frank L. Fenton's desire to develop new and unusual colors helped to keep Fenton in the forefront of the handmade industry. During the years from 1905 to the 1920's, Fenton design was heavily influenced by the artists at Tiffany and Steuben. In late 1907, Fenton introduced "Iridescent" glass. This glass, now known as "Carnival" glass, is a popular collectible today.
During the 1930's and 1940's, Fenton produced
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