Fenton Blackberry Open Edge CarnivaL Glass Bowl RARE Error Mistake Oddity Defect

You are bidding on this rather unique old carnival glass bowl.It was made by Fenton and I believe the pattern is called Blackberry.It's kind of an odd shape, like a bowl but has 2 sides pulled up.This piece would normally have the open lace edge.This one has it in one section and as you work your way around the edge they fill in.Some have a small opening, most are completely filled.There is also an extra lip of glass in spots.See photos.Kind of a unique oddity or error piece.The base glass is cobalt blue.It is generally in excellent condition.There is one rough spot on the outer edge.It is where there is the section of extra glass.A part that would normally not even be there.I think this was done when it was made.See photo.Bowl measures approx. 5" x 7" x 3 1/4" at it's highest.As found in a local estate.