Welcome to our auction for a highly collectible vanity dresser set that was made by the Fenton Art Glass in the 1940s/1950s and was decorated by Abels, Wasserberg & Company in their decorating factory! AWCO was a customer of Fenton's who purchased many Fenton blanks and created their own hand-painted embellishments/designs!

AWCO's most famous line was CHARLETON that was performed with quite a few different flowers that consisted of roses, forget-me-nots, daisies and like the motif of this gorgeous set.... of PRETTY BLUE VIOLETS!!! I read that most of the Charleton Artists were mostly women and they that were trained for 18 months before they earned the title of "Charleton Artist!" Many of these people were already well-trained, established artisans from Europe and still were required to be trained & supervised for an 18 month time period!

The perfume bottles and powder/trinket jar box still have their original gold labels with the following information:

CHARLETON HAND DECORATED A.W.C.O. along with a pencil mark of 4607 on the perfume bottles and a pencil mark of 4608 on the jar that is a shape/blank number, the powder jar label is worn were the A.W.C.O. should be. Below each label t is the Artist's Initial "A" painted in gold. The bottles also have another initial that I think is an "I" in pink
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