Fenton Coin Dot Swag Lamp Vintage Rare Gorgeous


Coin Dot


Swag Lamp

This auction is for a Vintage Fenton Swag Lamp. This is a Blue Coin Dot pattern lamp. It is a vintage lamp with a single sized plug. The glass is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or hairlines. The edges do have the normal mold roughness which was done in the making and is not damage to the shade. The metal work is very intricate and gorgeous with an acorn on the bottom, and t is an inner brass work that attaches to the light bulb. It has a the chain link with the cord. The on off switch is a rotary switch found on the cord. It is in excellent working condition and is ready for your home. The total height of the lamp is 18 inches. The length of the cord is approximately 18 feet.