Hello and Welcome to Orbrial's,

we have a Fenton Custard Glass Satin Poppy Vase. It was made between 1973 and 1978. Ware number 9154 CU.

Thanks as always to bercrystal and the ebay PGP board for dates and authentication.

It has no chips or cracks or flea bites. The condition is excellent no damage.

It stands about 5 ½" tall and about 6" across.

It is a custard glass color. I tried a lot but this color confuses my camera. So the free standing shot shows it looking sort of white. And the one w I hold it up in the sun shows it a bit greener than normal because sunlight makes it glow some. It glows in blacklight also due to the uranium dioxide used in coloring this glass the unique pastel light green custard color.

Thanks for looking and happy ebaying!

Just ask me if you have any questions please. I know what I'm doing it will arrive safely.


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Insurance is optional unless otherwise stated. I pack well. My boxes withstand drops and normal rough handling. But once in a while the post office pulverizes something and I can't cover that. Please choose to insure your item if you want completely risk free shipping.

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