Fenton Famous BURMESE 9" Hand Painted flared VASE usa

Another day of listing our Fenton BURMESE inventory. Burmese glass had its beginning in the late 1800's by the Mount Washington Glass COmpany. This is the circulated story of how it got its name. A selection was sent as a gift to the Queen of England. She is purported to remark, as she looked it over, "the coloring reminded her of a Burmese sunset". What a line! It became a part of history and when Fenton came into being in 1905 and made their version of this glass...they called it Burmese Glass. Pictures one through three are of a footed 9" flared VASE that is a numbered limited edition with signature. It is a transitional design hovering between traditional and modern. A simple floral pattern is hand painted that matches and enhances the basic Burmese and its pink blush. A very nice selection. Pictures four through twelve are of additional Burmese items listed and sold seperately. You can look them over by We now have over a hundred of our inventory displayed in our listings. All are brand new and in original factory condition. Thanks for visiting. Jim

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