Fenton Glass Beautiful Blue Satin Overlay Melon Vase

Fenton Glass Beautiful Blue Satin Overlay Melon Vase

is a nice Fenton vase in blue satin overlay. This design is called a melon vase and it measures 8 3/4" high, 3 5/8" wide with a 2 3/8" base. This vase is not perfect as t are bubbles and a spot of rust in the foot we could not get out. T is also a line that looks like a crack, however it cannot be felt on the outside and due to the small opening at the top, cannot be reached inside. We think it is a factory flaw in the glass, perhaps a fold in the inside layer of glass. It is still a nice vase and will display nicely. T are no chips or repairs. A worthy addition to your collection.

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