Fenton LE Hand Painted Egg Green with Flowers

Very nice with no chips or cracks. Limited edition, this is numbered 206/2500.

I am often asked about the shipping charges - so 's the story behind shipping - please read - thanks.

Theshipping quote given by the calculator includes a $1 packing fee and also the required insurance amount - it shows as all inclusive!
End of auction invoices for my auctions show the insurance amount on a separate line, it will not be shown included in the shipping amount, but will equal what the calculator shows.

Did You Also Know?

Shipping costs are set by the carriers and are based on weight, size of box, and zip codes being used for shipping. Boxes more than a cubic foot in size are also subject to extra surcharges.

The further you live from me, the more the PO or UPS will charge to deliver it to you. Take a look at the USPS example below. (This may or may not be the weight of your item, it is just an example weight)
A 5 pound (12x12x8) package shipped from: PA to NJ - $8.55 PA to TX - $16.50 PA to WA - $20.60

The difference is more than $10 going cross country! Is it worth it? It might be - especially when you consider the cost of time and gas trying to find this item on your own. You have to decide. Remember, it is not an item you can easily pick up at your local dept. store!

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