Up for your consideration: One "REALLY HARD TO FIND" Fenton Daybreak on Fern Green Rose Bowl. This particular style is sometimes called a ruffled vase as well. Fenton's 2005 collection included a design called "Daybreak" on Fern Green Glass, which is now retired. The pattern was inspired by the pink and green tones that were so popular in the 1960's, and are experiencing a renewed popularity today. Kim Barley's refreshing "Daybreak" design of stylized daisies coordinates beautifully with the "Rosemilk" and "Butterfly Kiss" designs, as all the pinks, purples, whites and greens coordinate so well within each collection. Mine are all displayed together, and look stunning!!

The "Daybreak" pattern features cheerful shaded white daisies, with purple and yellow accents, with vining green leaves and stems. One of the pieces offerred from this collection is the 3 1/2" Rose Bowl (sometimes called a ruffled vase as well). The Fenton ware number is 7619 QW. I had a very hard time finding this particular piece to round out my collection, and once I found it, I never found room in my curio cabinet for it, so it has never been taken from the original box, except to take the picture for this listing.

I really do not want to part with this, but we are having another baby, and my husband drove a hard bargain, and I agreed that we
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