Fenton ROSE QUARTZ LADY VASE blue burmese

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Limited Edition # 48 of 850

This vase utilizes a very unique technique used for a short time at Fenton Glass. "Fenton artist Richard Delaney was eager to develop our sandcarving skills, but we could not produce the thinly cased glass he wanted. Our 'new man,' Frank M. Fenton, came to the rescue, suggesting that we reheat our Blue Burmese glass all over to create a pink exterior with blue underneath. Richard's sandcarving proved that Frank's idea worked, and he named the result Rose Quartz." This excerpt was taken from 'Fenton Handcrafted American Glass Artistry."

The book commemorates the 100th anniversary of Fenton Art Glass. Also from this book, "When we accepted the challenge to "choose the one hundred best" pieces we've ever made for this book, we opened ourselves to a new consideration of who we are and what we have done."

So, of all the 1,000's of pieces Fenton has put out over the years, this Rose Velvet vase is considered to be one of their very best.

In "Fenton Glass Compendium 1970-1985" by John Walk (published in 2001) Mr. Walk values this vase at $300-$350.

A challange for me was trying to capture the beauty of the vase in the photographs in this auction. I did the best
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