Ferrari Superamerica brochure Prospekt catalogue LIMITED XXX of 559 - NANTUCKET


Ferrari Superamerica | Limited owner brochure brochure

The Ferrari Superamerica is a limited edition car of which only 559 will be built. A total of 5,301 copies of this presentation for the model have been printed in nine different editions, each one a limited run of 559 copies.
The content of each edition is identical, but the graphics and the colour-finish of each differs. As an hommage to the car’s name, each edition is dedicated to a different area of America at its most exclusive and pleasant: Carmel, Aspen, Martha’s Vineyard, Palm Springs, The Hamptons, Palm Beach, La Jolla, Santa Fe, Nantucket.

The Superamerica’s name reflects the passion of our largest group of clients, the Americans, while its spirit reflects the glorious Italian bloodline shared by every Ferrari, as the images contained in this special volume demonstrate.

The Ferrari Superamerica combines stunning Ferrari 12-cylinder berlinette performance with a highly original, innovative take on the ever-versatile convertible. The Superamerica is also the very first production car to adopt an innovative rotating roof incorporting electrochonic technology developed exclusively for large glass surfaces which transforms it from a coupé to a convertible in just a few seconds. The result is a car that combines
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