Ferrell Craven Ring Handled Floor Vase Smithfield, NC

I am very pleased to offer this beautiful rarte formed Ferrell Craven Piece. I believe this to be a Smithfiled, NC piece because of the white clay. It has incised wavy lines around the top and two rings on either side. This piece is authentic and was found in my journey's in Moore County. I purchased it from a lady that is a relatives to the Cravens. However, there is a reason I say it is authentic. This piece had to be given to her by Ferrell himself because if you pay close attention to the piece the rings are in tact, but the handles poped off that goes from inside the rings to the lip of the vase. This must have been done when he fired it the first time because he glazed over the part and fired it again. It does have a couple of flea bites on the rim and a couple on the base. However, there are no cracks, repairs of any kind that i could find on this piece. I wish the handles were there but it is what it is. This is a rare form and the cobalt blue, wavy incised lines and the drips make this piece very special to any collector out there. Please and study the pictures to make sure of its autheticity. Thank you for stopping by and good luck.