Beautiful and old Fetish Dan Maou Mask from West Africa.

For auction is this genuine and old ethnographic Dan Maou Mask from West Africa .
The Dan Maou people are related to the prominent Dan ethnic group. They reside in the north-western region of the Dan domain.
Dan Maou Mask are typified by how a beak-like extension begins from underneath the nose sloping downward and giving the appearance of a half-man half-bird creature.Dan Maou mask invoked fear in the general populace because they originally served ajudiciary function in sanctioning spell-casters.
This mask is an excellent old example and an authentic ethnographic item obtained in Liberia from a local collector of original sculpted work. This mask has a lovely and lustrous Patina. There is bead and heavy raffia adornment to the top of the head. The beak of the Maou is bound using raw hide with thinning brown hair. A local ethnographic expert explained that the bound beak indicated fetish use.
There is geometric etching to the forehead, cheek and to the top and bottom of the upper beak. This mask, without a doubt , is several decades old and a genuine ethnographic item . The mask has been repaired to at least two areas of the edges (picture 6).
This mask is 18 inches high , 8 inches wide and around 5 inches deep.
This is a beautiful, genuinely old and valuable Dan maou mask . Very much a potential cherished
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