Fewture Miznotic Fantasy Sexy 9 inch Chika Peach Night

Fewture Miznotic Fantasy Sexy 9" MIB Chika Peach Night
Junko Mizuno is best known for her retelling of classic fairy tales in a cutesy-anime meets ultra-violent-psychedelica graphic novel style. So far she has tackled Cinderella, Princess Mermaid and Hansel and Gretel to much critical acclaim. Her take on these classics is often described as disturbing, and owes more to the original darker tellings of these stories than the currently prevailing Disney versions. Her mixture of perverse sex, bizarre yet strangely attractive character designs, violence and more violence has led to an the exquisite line of 'Miznotic Fantasy' vinyl dolls by Fewture.
The Miznotic Fantasy doll series includes original character designs rendered in a vinyl format. Each figure is deliciously detailed, with clothing and bizarre accessories. They are boxed in window-packaging that's suitable for display, but t's no reason to resist the urge to remove these lovelies from their cardboard prisons.
The dolls have an eerie presence and t's something that just seems so delightfully wrong about them, from their fetishized lingerie-like outfits, to their anatomically correct chests, or the absolutely whacked-out accessories. These are not your little sister's Barbies. In fact, I wouldn't even leave Barbie in the same room with these dolls! They'd probably
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