FG42 Fallschirmjaeger Gewehr 42, NON-GUN, REPLICA,

This is a Shoei Replica FG42 Fallschirmjaeger Gewehr 42. This is the Type E version with the slanted grip and reenforced metal buttstock. This is the FG42 used in Operation "Oak", the rescue of Mussolini from the Gran Sasso by the Fallschirm-Lehr Abteilung. Also included is a replica Splinter B magazine bandoleer. I used FAL mags (not included) to fill the bandoleer for displays. You can buy replica Type 1 mags from Shoei for about $50-75.

This does have a couple small issues: The mounting stud for the bipod has stripped out. I replaced it with a machine screw. The magazine catch screw has been replaced with a metric machine screw. The front 5/16" corner of the trigger mechanism housing broke off. All of these parts can be bought direct from Shoei for about $125. I've been using it as-is for public education displays and stuff.

Ebay Moderator: It is an BATFE-approved, NON-GUN, NON-SHOOTING, NON-OPERATIONAL, NON-ABLE-TO-BE-MADE-TO-EVER-FIRE, replica. It is just a 9.5 lb paperweight! It is not, nor was it ever capable of firing a projectile or chambering a round. This was made in Japan for the collector market w no real guns can be owned. This is even less dangerous than the airsoft stuff you allow. The only way this could ever hurt someone is if it was dropped on their foot...lol This is in accordance with your weapons
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