Fibes Drums - Vintage 1970's

Vintage 1970's Fibes Drums- These were made when Martin Guitar still owned Fibes. Drums are solid with no cracks, loud rock set. There is a crack in one floor tom leg mount which I have pictured. The tom mounting hardware has screws and bolts on some mounts, all are pictured.There is a 1970's Ludwig stainless steel snare and 1 octobon included with set. Bass drum spurs, tom mounting arms and legs for floor tom are included.The only Fibes identifier on these drums are the F on the bass drum tension lugs and the bass drum head logos.
The Ludwig snare drum is a 1970's super sensitive model. It has a lot of pitting but it cleaned up pretty good. All mechanical parts work great, the snare wires are missing about 3 or 4 strands but the drum still sounds great. I took everything apart and did a quick polish and the drum actually looks really nice. I will add a couple pictures of snare later.
Here's what you are bidding on:
2 Bass drums : 1- 22'' and 1- 20''
3 mounted toms: 1- 12'', 1-13'' and 1-14''
1 floor tom: 16''
1 Ludwig snare
1 octobon
These drums are heavy and will be expensive to ship -Please disregard any shipping cost that EBay may list. Packaging will be a minimum of $150 + shipping costs which will be determined after close of auction.. Pick up is recommended if possible

Here are the drums

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