Fidelity Electric Blasting Machine

Up for auction is a Fidelity Electric (Lancaster, PA) 50 cap blasting machine. Serial Number J3181, in case that matters to anyone out there. It's in pretty good shape considering that it probably led a tough life when it was used for working purposes. I took the side panels off to show pictures of the insides. All nice and clean with no signs of damage or broken parts. The dynamo or magneto spins, the plunger plunges, the rack and pinion teeth all look good, the leather strap is even intact and somewhat supple. It sure looks all original to me. I hooked it up to an old analog voltmeter and it puts out 50 volts on the meter with a good push. No blasting caps to test it with, sadly, that could be fun. The box is OK, all square, and appears to be oak with nice dovetail joints. The corners are worn and the finish is none whatsoever. It is also very heavy (estimate 20-30 pounds), so shipping will be based on how far it is shipped. I don't try to gouge or make a profit on the shipping price, it will be whatever it costs and that's all. I paid $200 for it a few years ago, so I figure that's a good place to start. I got it because it was just so cool, but I need to downsize and make some space. Approx 16" High including plunger, 6 1/2" Wide, 8" deep. Any questions please ask. US only please, OK maybe Canada.