Fidget Spinner and cube COMBO TRI FIDGET Cube Stress Reducer Focus Adults Gift

Brand New Red HAND SPINNER TRI FIDGET and Red/Black Cube Stress Reducer Focus toy For ADD ADHD Anxiety
TOY WITH BENEFITS : EDC fidget spinner toy is designed to Relieve Stress, Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Restless mind and fidgety hands. Fidget spinner promotes focusing, concentration, decreased stress, increase tactile awareness of finger and hands and to keep fidgety finger busy.
CONQUER BAD HABITS & IMPROVE FOCUS : The Fidget Spinner is not only ideal for relieving stress, but also helps the normal people to enhance their motor skills by providing a fun way to strengthen and warm fingers before using them. It's also proven by schools, Pediatric therapists, Parents and Teacher that the use of tri spinners keeps the kids away from obsessive behavior (e.g. phones, television, electronics etc.) and keep them focused.
PREMIUM QUALITY: INCLUDES FIDGET SPINNER AND FIDGET CUBE - A perfect stress relief toy packaged together to meet your needs. Tri spinner consists of a Hybrid Ceramic Bearing and 3 Counter Bearing Weights for Longer and faster spin. Handcrafted and Quality tested in USA.
EASY TO CARRY FOR EVERYDAY USE IN HOME, SCHOOL OR OFFIC E: The spinner is designed for work, home or school. Use it right out of the box without any extra effort. Silent spin makes this spinner usable anywhere. Just slip in the pocket
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