Fighting Arm Dummy, Attach to Heavy Bag or Wooden Dummy

Fighting Arm Dummy, attach to Heavy Bag or Wooden Dummy

The fighting arm is a perfect training tool for all martial artists at a price which is in reach. Mount to your heavy bag to create a whole new dimension to your training!

*Posable arm for working a massive variety of techniques

*Adjustable straps allow for attachment to heavy bag, wooden dummy and just about anything else!

* Attach, unattach and adjust in seconds

*Fully padded

* Weapon retention hands with Velcro straps that even allow for disarms.

* Limiter between bicep and forearm which mimic a real human arm.

* Get your heavy bag moving; swinging and twisting for a great defensive workout

* Perfect for Boxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun, JKD, Filipino Martial Arts, Grappling arts and anything else!

* Comes with H2H Trainer's standard one year warranty

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Two Are Better than One!

Need two arms for a more complete training experience? Purchase two fighting arms on the same strap for 179.99!

Note: This auction is for a fighting arm dummy. Heavy bag and/or Wooden Dummy not included.