is a nice and rare Fight'n Rooster knife ! It is the 1993 Bronc Rider edition, 3 blade stockman it is a limited knife.Only 500 of these w made,this is # 321.It was made in Solingen Germany by Frank Buster and Son Celebrated Cutlery. The Fight'n Rooster knives all are very high quality knives.This knife has never been carried and never been resharpened.The knife is 3 3/4 inches when closed.The master blade front tang has the Fight'n rooster logo with them fighting and it says FIGHT'N ROOSTER SOLINGEN,the other two rear blades tangs is stamped with the same.The master blade rear tang is stamped FRANK BUSTER AND SON CELEBRATED CUTLERY GERMANY.All 3 blades snap great ! The handle slabs are a light to dark blue to clear celluloid type material and the handles are chip and crack free.The front handle has a plain nickle silver bomb type shield.The small blade next to the master is etched with 321 on the front of it.The master blade is etched with a bronc with some art work around it and says Bronc Rider,1993, 1 of 500. The etch is high lighted with a gold colored paint inside the etch.The knife has brass liners and nickle silver bolsters and pins.The knife is super clean inside and out.The small single blade tang on the left has some pitting from the factory on the front tang area only,I see no signs of rust anyw on the knife.It is

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