Figural Table Lamps Set 2 Vintage Victorian Dress Man Woman works Shaby Chic'

Offering to you for your consideration are these two lovely victorian style figurine table lamps. Not being an expert I believe these lamps to be from the 1950's?
The figurines stand 11-1/2 inches. The top of the bulb socket is 15-1/2 inches .
The base is a cast aluminum. Measuring 5--3/4 inch x 5-1/4 inch.
I believe these are porcelain but I am not an expert.
The base and socket arm have been painted. It also appears that the cord on one may have been changed out. I say this because the plugs are different. The figurines are in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or repairs that I see. I gave the figurines a quick over cleaning. The 1 bulb socket could be cleaned some.
The finish is a matte finish (not shiny) with gold and pink touches (on ruffles on her dress) . The overall color is an off white. His pants and lapel are a faint yellow-mustard, also her skirt has the same mustard hue throughout her skirt.
PLEASE examine photos, I have provided numerous for your inspection. PLEASE utilize the magnifier, this is a very important tool, also much a part of the description. These photos do not lie.
Please know I am not a collector or an expert on anything I sell. Most of my auctions are things I've acquired over the years.
There are cracks or repairs, the edges are smooth. There is a very very
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