Filarmonica Especial Straight Razor 14 6/8'' With Box

We offer for auction a straight razor; from the prestigious spanish brand Filarmónica, "Especial" (special) model. The blade and shank have been made out of carbon steel, the scales are black bakelite. The razor has known some use, but it preserves still a very good edge (let you see the pics, please). It is difficult to date, but I'd venture to say ca. 1945.
On the blade is engraved on a silver wash "Filarmónica Especial" and a musical allegory. At the shank figures the name of the cutlery shop, "Cuchillería Blanco/Huesca/Valladolid"; at the opposite side, "José Monserrat Pou". The razor weights 68 g., scales included. The blade width is 22 mm: its measures accord to a 7/8'' razor.
The blade is in very good condition. The edge is in good condition, but it is slightly concave from honing: it may be easily solved if desired for using the razor. With the razor is included its original scarlet cardboard box in excellent condition.
I think that it is an interesting piece for collect, and also, if desired, for use. The razor has been cleaned and sterilized.
Please, don't hesitate to ask whatever questions you have: I will answer as soon as possible. I can also add more pics if required.