Filipino KRIS modern moro style sword wavy double edge

Kris style



Genuine modern Filipino sword called kris

made in the province Pangasinan on Luzon Island in Philippines,

w blacksmiths influenced by muslim sword making have been making these swords

for more than century. .

The double edged blade is made of carbon steel and the handles from carabao horn (water buffalo).

Brass guard and full tang.

The kris is new sharp fire hand - forged.

As Robert Cato says in his priceless book "Moro Swords" , Moro forging process is similar to the beginning stages that Japanese smiths traditionally employed to create the blades of the now-famous Samurai swords.

The Japanese, of course took the art of blade creation to a much more refined level than did the Moros.

Nonetheless, Filipino blades are of excellent guality, as proven by hundreds of years of reliable service against relentless stream of many enemy invaders.

Overall lenght - 25 1/3" - (64.4 cm) and

the blade - 18 1/3" - (47.8 cm) .

the handle - 6 1/4" (15.8 cm)

The weight - 19.6 oz (558 grams) without the decorated leattte sheat.

These kris are great for for modern escrima work, handmade, sharp, functional.

It will be mailed from the Philippines by Air Parcel
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