Filmfax 93 94 SAUCERMEN Hitchcock JAYNE MANSFIELD Space

This auction is for the Special Giant 148 page double issue of Filmfax #93/94 and features: Invasion of the Saucermen: Behind the scenes with Robert Gurney . Other articles include: Mickey Hargitay : His Films & Life with Jayne Mansfield , Valerie Allen : Inside I Married A Monster From Outer Space, Thomas Alva Edison's Silent Frankenstein Film, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Omega Man, World of Film Noir, Erin Gray (Part One): Destined to Play Wilma Deering on Buck Rogers, and much more.

Filmfax Magazines have articles about science fiction and the famous monsters of the movies that are better written and more thoroughly researched and a lot better than the competition. If you are a collector of monster and sci-fi magazines, pick up some copies from us or elsew and see if you agree that they are superior. One thing that they have really done well that the others have pretty much ignored, is to dig deep into the early movies, TV and radio to find the lost gems of the horror and Sci-fi genres.

This magazine is in excellent condition with a little scrape/crease on the nose of the left alien - see scan.

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