Final Fantasy 10 Sword of Auron Replica Gamer Reenactor

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Final Fantasy X~The Sword of Auron

Aurons Sword is 41 inches overall and is equipped with a 27 1/2 inch polished stainless steel blade. It has a leather wrapped handle and a detailed cast metal guard and pommel with an antique nickel finish. The flared blade is double edged and semi-sharp with Final Fantasy symbolic etching. Comes complete with a leather scabbard making it an excellent costume accessory for gamers or fantasy role reenactors. A fantastic gift for the Final Fantasy Fan. Can your Final Fantasy themed decor be without a replica of Aurons Sword? Beautiful replica and great quality.

Auron ( ???? , Aron ?) is a playable, fictional character in the Squaresoft (now known as Square Enix ) role-playing game Final Fantasy X . He is known in the world of Spira as a "legendary guardian " due to the belief that he was the only guardian known to have survived the process of defeating the creature named Sin .

His sword, though called a katana , actually appears to more closely resemble a nodachi or even the fictional zanbato . Auron's attacks are heavily based on the "Samurai" job class from previous Final Fantasy games, particularly his ability to break through his opponents' defences. This is also seen as a
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