This is a presell Auction for a SET OF 3 FIGURES from FINAL FANTASY VII-SQUARE ENIX,PLAY ARTS SERIES 2.These retail for $75.

A Square Enix Japanese import! The long awaited second series of FINAL FANTASY ADVENT CHILDREN Play Arts action figures is finally ! The FF franchise continues to heat up following FFAC's big win at the 2006 Anime Awards as "Best Anime Feature", and this line is sure to be a crowd pleaser, as it includes all fan favorite characters that have been requested for years!
The young YUFFIE KISARAGI is an integral part of Cloud Strife's band of heroes, appearing not only in FFAC, but also in the FF7 game, Dirge Of Cerberus, Kingdom Hearts, and others. No ninja would be complete without her oversized shuriken throwing star!
RENO is the most popular member of Shinra's investigation divison - The Turks. He is portrayed as his always is seen- with his hair unkempt, goggles on his head, and his shirt untucked. The always cool Reno comes with his retractleb stun baton as an accessory.
The leader of the Sephiroth Remnants, and main antagonist of the FFAC movie, KADAJ has been resurrected from the Lifestream and into your collection. He stands proudly in his soft material coat and trademark double katana called Souba.
All three figures are highly poseable, with at least 20 points of articulation, and
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