Final Fantasy XIII Store Display Rare Wall Poster Set with BONUS!

For sale is a Slightly Used, Adult Owned Final Fantasy XIII Wall Poster Set with bonus Totori Atelier Pre-order set of Clear Files. These posters, with the exception of the cloth poster, were used to display in retail stores to advertise the video game Final Fantasy XIII. The two store display posters features Lightning posing in the same way as the cover art to Final Fantasy XIII. Various system logos and information appear at the bottom of these posters. The large poster is double sided. The cloth poster features the Final Fantasy XIII gang in Gran Pulse.

The condition of the posters are in good, used condition. The largest store display poster has four hole punches on each corner so they're able to be pinned to a wall. There are some minor creases on the bottom of the poster due to the fact it was displayed in store for a while. The second store poster has a very small tear from it being displayed. This poster is made of some sort of tough material, so there are no creases at all. The third cloth poster has no blemishes at all.

The posters will be packaged and shipped in a huge tube altogether. It was more of a collector's item to me and - now- itcan be for you!

What you're bidding for:
1x Final Fantasy XIII Poster Set

Contents included :

1x Final Fantasy XIII Store Display Large
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