Fine C S Fly 1880s Tombstone Arizona Cabinet Photo #2

A circa 1881 cabinet card photograph taken by C.S. Fly in his Tombstone, Arizona gallery. A nice oval formal close-up of an attractive young woman in her dress, fringed scarf and large hat. Her light-colored eyes gaze straight into the camera lens. Original albumen photograph on a 4.25 by 6.50 inch cardstock mount that is peach color on the front and pale yellow on the back. Slight soiling on the back with one spot looking like a fingerprint (perhaps Fly's), front with just the faintest trace of brown-spots, o/w near excellent. See both scans. Buyer pays shipping. Payment by PayPal, money order or check.

This photo is notable for its advertizing for Fly's Gallery. The front states "Fly's Gallery, Tombstone, A.T." (Arizona Territory) in an ornate typeface. The back states "Fly's Photographic Gallery, 312 Fremont Street, Tombstone, A.T. Copies may be had at any time." This logo is particularly nice for the bold "Tombstone, A.T." imprint and the street address. A very attractive display item from around the time of the Gunfight at the OK Corral with Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. Fly's Gallery was next door to the OK Corral.