Fine Carved Vintage Tobacco Pipe, 'BEN WADE', TAWNY

for auction is a unique and beautiful vintage 'Ben Wade' tobacco smoking pipe from an inherited collection of thirteen very old and cherished pipes. The collection belonged to an extended family member who passed away about 15 years ago at over 80 years of age. Mr. Stickler was a pipe-smoker the mojority of his life, and the most accurate estimation I can give of the pipe's age is from 25 to 50+ years old. This very nice collectible was well-kept and appreciated and is in excellent vintage condition. All of the proper and necessary pipe-cleaning procedures have been carefully followed. The cake layer is not very thick and has only been very lightly smoothed. The bowl is about 1-1/2" deep with the exterior height being 2-1/4". The outside diameter of the top of the bowl is a little over 2-1/4" at its widest point. The bowl cavity has a diameter of 1-1/8" at the top and gradually narrows slightly down inside to the bottom. The wall of the bowl is still very thick, measuring no less than 3/8" thick. While attached to the bowl, the stem is 3-1/4" in length. The bowl and stem adjoin tightly at the tenon hole, which is 5/16" in diameter. The stem has a decorative 'flare' above the tenon and then progresses from 1/2" to 11/16" wide at the tip (mouthpiece). The total length of this delightful pipe when measured from the base of the bowl ... read more