With the exception of the handles, this is the most elaborate and best condition carpet bag I have seen or had. Northerners who came South during the Civil War reconstruction period, arrived with these travelling carpet bags to loot and plunder the defeated South, hence the Southerners called them carpetbaggers. The wool carpet is in very, very good condition compared to all the others I see. T are only a few thin spots and the color is excellent. The interior is wonderful with a gilt decorated purple pocket.(missing flap) on one side of the fancy cardboard divider and a period print on the other side. T is a set of red leather straps to hold the divider in one position,(one strap has a tear). The other side has cloth straps to hold contents in place. (straps loose on end) The home spun interior has a few stains but is intact with no tears. The top lock has a name plate, which is blank. This lock is completely intact but has no key. I will look for one while the ad is running. The bag also has wonderful side locks, which engage by turning the metal hasps. These hasps could also be padlocked if you must. The hinged and footed bottom of bag is in great condition as well. It is a large and heavy bag measuring approx 20 and 1/2 inches long, 13 and 1/2 inches tall with quite a large capacity, as of couse the sides flex outwards.Great,

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