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I don't know a blessed thing about the ship shown on this slab of slate, and it's not for lack of trying to find out. Dang!
T are several schematic shipbuilder's drawing of the "Isiah L. Jefferson" - a Grand Banks Fisherman schooner.

It's in really, really nice condition with no remarkable chips or cracks or other goof-ups. Size: 24" by 16" by 5/8" - and it's heavy. 18 lbs.

Centered at the bottom is the name of the ship: "Isiah L. Jefferson." Right above that, it says "Grand Banks Fisherman."

I don't know how the drawings are etched or engraved into the slate, but the detail is SUPER! I've seen one other of these over the last fifty years or so, but I still don't know diddly-squat about them.

at 341, I have two "Prime Directive:"
First: I never, under any circumstances, use a reserve, and everything starts at $9, sometimes even less.
Second: I don't clean, repair, or otherwise monkey around with anything. I push enough dust aside to note any flaws, but if I discovered it in some dusty attic, you can look forward to a little dust on it when it gets to your house. If it has a flow or a wart, I'll tell you about it.
So rest

All sorts of detail drawings are around the sides.

If you staked me out on a fire ant nest and forced me to guess, I'd say it's somew around fifty years old, but that would only be a guess. (Just let me off that anthill!)

Nothing wrong with the back either. It would make a great table - but framed and hanging on the wall, it would be a killer. I guarantee you'll be thrilled.


Buyer pays $19.50 for professional packing and insured shipping. (That is for U.S. only . Elsew in the known Universe - request quote.) Click to go have a look at my other auctions.

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