Purchased this Month from a Seattle Collection

we have a what we think is a signed satsuma Meiji Vase urn

In this case if we have misrepresented this item we would welcome any knowledge all could offer,

and check back for updates i will refresh my descriptions as information is available to me

this item was sold to me as a satsuma meiji vase jar urn

you dont find these exceptional aritifacts too often especially at no reserve

this artifact stands 5 5/8 inch high with a no relief motif consisting of gold red and black enamelled paint on light tan pottery

all 3 pieces are signed and the only flaw i could find on the piece is on the inner lid t is a very tiny fleck on rim

it doesnt take away and and is not noticeable and the only reason this jar cannot be called mint see the close ups

I feel it is just next to museum quality but in light of the age of this magnificent piece, the flaw is almost non

shipping on this item must be ins. i will come priority mail for 7.00 dollars as stated ins. is mandatory on this item and that goes for interenational buyers as well

international shipping is 22.00 dollars BUT , if it cost more after i send it you will pay the difference, i will bill you after i mail it , IF THIS IS UNEXCEPTABLE DO NOT BID
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