FINEST! Vntg Hamilton Beach Model K Chrome Stand Mixer All Orig+SUPERB Low Ship

OUTSTANDING CONDITION- - This is the cleanest and finest condition one of these I have run into with shipping that is 75% lower than most others.
DESCRIPTION --The chrome is awesome all around, the swivel bowl mechanism operates perfectly and is immaculate top and bottom, the timer works perfect and the labels are great as well. All 10 speeds were tested and it runs quiet and smooth. The beaters are stainless and great with no bends or broken sections. I see many others with timers broken, problems with the beaters and such. This one does not include the bowls, but you can use any bowls with this of course. Besides, they are the lowest cost part as they are listed on Ebay for $16 now and can be found for less if you are lucky. The swivel base is MUCH more important, as it is not available and is missing on some. This machine came to me in such a clean condition that I did not have to clean away decades of hardened cake mix, egg splatters and flour clumps. Just wiped it with Windex and took photos. The unit tilts and separates from the base as it is supposed to, allowing you to use the top as a hand mixer (though it is heavy compared to plastic new ones). The ONLY thing missing to be a perfect machine is the under 1 inch plastic cap that goes on the opening on the top front. I missed one that sold for $3 but the owner told me
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