Fire Agate-Nature's led lights

This beautiful specimen of fire agate was purchased in an old collection. It is easy to see why it was called fire agate - it truly looks like glowing embers. It is a great specimen to show to children or adults who have never seen it. The face is polished. Photo 5 shows how it might look in the rough. Fire agate is a layered stone and the fire is caused by the way light enters these extremely thin layers. Much of the color is from iron oxide. It weighs less than .125 oz. and measures about .75 x .5 x .125". It is ready to to be shaped for setting or wirewrapping. If you polish the face further, remember, one layer too far and the fire is gone. It would be a wonderful addition to any collection. I am happy to combine items to save you money on shipping should you win more than one auction. It would be mailed first class and would cost less than $4 anywhere in the USA. Please email me with questions.