Fire Hydrant, Horse Ball Top, San Francisco circa 1909

Do you want to own a piece of San Francisco history? Well, I have a wonderful "Horse ball" hydrant for sale. Over one hundred years old, these relics of a long ago era are fast disappearing. Grab one while you can and tie up your own horse. is a a bit of their history:

Around the turn of the century some improvements were made. Hydrants became taller which made it easier to turn spanners on the valve stems. "Horse balls" were installed wupon the engine driver could tie off his fire horses at a hydrant a safe distance from the fire after unhitching them from the steamer engine."

This puppy is heavy at about 250 lbs put shipping is easily done.

I have included a picture of one that has been restored and put on display in a backyard. Magnificent! Good luck and thank you for looking in.