New Fire Sale Bitcoin 1.0 (BTC) SUPER FAST SERVICE

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Purchase the 1.0 BTC (1.0 Bitcoin) deposit to your Bitcoin Wallet

The bitcoin purchase is the bitcoin transfer, you will receive the purchased bitcoin in PHYSICAL coin format into your virtual bitcoin wallet.

(Bitcoin Wallets can be registered online for free at or downloaded at for desktop or mobile device)

Important Please Read before Buying!


1. Send me your bitcoin wallet address by "Add note to seller", so we are able to process the bitcoin transfer process.

2.After payment you will receive the purchased bitcoin in coin format into your virtual bitcoin wallet, we will process the bitcoin transfer from 5 up to 10 days .

***If there is any doubt in the buyer loyalty. transaction verification may take a longer time.

3. The bitcoin order is not refundable because the bitcoin transaction is not reversible. The order is considered finalized and done after all the bitcoin purchased has been transferred. So once you buy you are responsible for payment immediately.

4. In order to avoid fraud on the Internet for Bitcoin scam, we will check eBay buyers. Order will be cancelled if the verification is not completed successfully and money refunded.

5. We reserve the rights to cancel any order from
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