Fire Sprinkler Head (KK) : ROCKWOOD 1910

Sprinkler head Manufacturer: ROCKWOOD , info on diffuser: ROCKWOOD 1910 on harp/arm : 160 degree , other side: 1910 , on link: 160 degree 1910 ,back of link: PAT'D JAN 29-07 OCT 13-08 on link/ ampule base: C, on other side: C, has a different threading pattern, flat at beginning and conventional towards end

These are the only markings I have found. Keep in mind some of the markings are hard to read, I will do my best.Please see all photos to determine condition, thank you.........

This is one of 29 additional sprinkler heads that are part of the same collection we just auctioned. We are in the process of going through them and will be listing them all soon. Most appear to be in about the same condition as the previous lot, thank you for your interest………

I was asked "do you have any other collections you will be listing?" The answer is yes, we have a smoking pipe collection that will probably be going on after this,please check back, thanks!

We sell both new and used items from auctions, estates, buyouts, collectors, flea markets and tag sales, all items are sold AS IS. We do not alter the condition by cleaning the patina or “improve” their look, that is up to the end buyer . Items are sold in the condition we receive them.Pictures we supply will be of the actual item you will receive ( it will show more
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