Firefly Serenity All Metal Jayne Cobb Pistol LeMat Boo

Up for auction is a fan made replica of the LeMat based pistol carried by the Hero of Canton, Jayne Cobb, in the Joss Whedon science-fiction-western TV series, Firefly. Actor Adam Baldwin said in an interview that all of Jayne's main weapons were named; Binky the knife, Vera the Callahan Fullbore Autolock rifle, and his LeMat revolver based pistol, Boo.

This replica of Boo is based on the Denix cast metal LeMat replica. The Denix replica was disassembled and modified in a machine shop to accept the Pietta LeMat Cavalry trigger guard and the machined aluminum components that make up the conversion to the fictional future Firefly 'verse pistol. The plastic grips have been painted to represent woodgrain and are the only non-metal parts on this prop replica.

The hammer cocks, the cylinder rotates and the trigger releases the hammer.

The actual cocking mechanism of the Denix replica is die-cast and shouldn't have the action worked repeatedly or roughly.

So the pistol isn't a wise choice for 50 quick draws a night to impress your friends!

Also, no or limited "dry-firing" (letting the hammer slam down) as noted by the original manufacturer, Denix.

You want to learn how to ease the hammer forward with your thumb as you pull the trigger.

Having said that, a die-cast LeMat has
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