Fireplace Clock Jack Roasting Spit-AAFA

Working (recently cleaned and checked by clock repairman) circa 1830 mechanical jack spit engine, in which the horizontal spits are turned by a wind-up brass gear assembly that sits low, directly on the hearth in its own housing. Like the bottle jacks of the 18th and early 19th century, this roasting spit does not require pulleys or belts as the spits are attached directly to the gears. This piece came out of a Saratoga Springs, New York estate. It is all original except for a couple of minor repairs over the years. One of the holders w the spit connects to the engine has been replaced. Also, one of the spits, although hand forged, appears to be a replacement. Great piece to use or display in your hearth.

The flat rate shipping and handling cost for this item of $50 is a sample rate based on Priority Mail (2 days) from Greenwich, New York to Seattle, Washington and with insurance. Parcel Post (7 days) for the same location would be $35. The item will be shipped in two packages, one containing the spit engine and spit holder and the second containing the spit rods. Your actual shipping cost will be based on your zip code. Email us if you have questions.