Firestorm Armada FASC08 Sorylian Gunship Torpedo Ship

Firestorm Armada - Sorylian Gunship (Torpedo Ship)
Firestorm Armada: Space combat in a war-torn universe. Firestorm Armada is a game of starship battles using high quality resin models and an easy to master set of fast play rules. Four powerful races - The Terran Alliance, Aquan Prime, Dindrenzi Federation and Sorylian Collective - are the first to send their ships to battle, with more to follow. The war has started. Which side are you on?
The Sorylian Collective will seek to dominate any space battle through superior numbers and swarming tactics, hence their large squadrons and increased use of fighter wings. Advanced engine technologies male these ships amongst the fastest of the Kurdak Alliance, allowing them to outmanoeuvre their enemies. The use of turrets gives these vessels excellent broadsides via flexible fields of fire. Large crews make these vessels dangerous to board.
The Bombard is the first Gunship Class vessel to be rolled out for the Sorylian Collective. The Fixed Fore weapon has a punch, but this vessel is designed to lay down a barrage of torpedo fire from its Fixed Fore arc. A brute of a design, the Bombard strikes at the heart of the enemy. Squadrons range from 2-3 vessels. It is not uncommon for Sorylian Fleet commanders to field this vessel instead of a Heavy Cruiser.
Pack contains one ship.
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