First 10 Issues of Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine from '08 & '09 (Nutshell News)

This is a collection of Dollhouse Miniatures magazines from January/February 2008 through July/August 2009 . They are Issue 01 through 10, from when Dollhouse Miniatures sprang up from the ashes of Nutshell News. These are wonderful magazines with 100 pages of how-to tips, kit-bashing, work projects, artisan interviews, tours, reviews, color pictures and tons of inspiration1 Any free cutouts or patterns are included in the magazines. This is a lot of 10 used Dollhouse Miniatures magazines from 2008 and 2009. Jan/Feb 2008: "Toast In The New Year With Champagne And Caviar, Projects: Shabby chic sofa, Comfy cushions, Authentic exteriors, Wooded Wonderland, Country cooking, Champagne & caviar, Wigging workshop, Perfect peaches, the art of Glass: Step inside and view the beautiful stained glass of Barbara Sabia" Mar/Apr 2008: "Paint Like A True Mini Artist With Joan Willies, Projects: Edwardian nursery, Organized work space, Easel for an artist, Double rocking chair, Christening gown, And Much More..., a Touch of Gold: Andrea Cagnetti explores the Etruscan enigma, Turret filled with Wonder: Sally Wallace pays tribute to Tom Berkner, Art Deco Elegance: Take a walk through Peter Tucker's stunning modern room boxes" May/June 2008: "Create A Whale Of A Tale With Jane Freeman's Moby Dick, Fine ceramics in Miniature: Andrea Fabrega's fiery ... read more