Blessed Luchesio Modestini

Luchesio Modestini (birth date unknown) was a merchant in the town of Poggibonzi in Tuscany. His biographers state that more than most merchants, he was so entirely and solely concerned with material success that he was generally reputed to be an avaricious man. His wife, Buonadonna, was said to be of a similar disposition. At some point Lucesio had a moment of conversion and realized how foolish it is to strive only for worldly goods. He began to practice works of mercy and to perform his religious obligations with fidelity; he succeeded in winning his wife over to a similar outlook on life. Since they had no one to care for but themselves, and Luchesio feared that in conducting his business he might relapse into covetousness, he gave up his business entirely. He and his wife divided everything among the poor and retained for themselves only so much land as would suffice for their support. Luchesio tilled this with his own hands. About this time Saint Francis of Assisi came to Tuscany. After his sermon on penance, many people desired to leave all and enter the convent. But Saint Francis admonished them calmly to persevere in their vocation, for he had in mind soon to give them a special Rule according to which they could serve God perfectly even in the world, without entering into Religious life.
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