First Edition TASHA TUDOR Cookbook - SIGNED with a DRAWING and ANNOTATED

Signed and Annotated (with original drawing) First Edition The Tasha Tudor Cookbook Recipes and Reminiscences from Corgi Cottage First Edition - Published in 1993 by Little Brown & Co Written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor with Carol Johnston Lueck
This book brings back fond memories of time spent with Miss Tudor She was a personal friend and inscribed this book to me ("Greetings to Mark Robertson! Tasha Tudor") along with an additional sketch of a proud Rooster and his Hen on the title page Further, one of the recipes (or receipts as Tasha preferred to call them) was personally annotated. On page 89, the recipe for Baked Custard, the last paragraph has been crossed out by Tasha and then she wrote: I never do this. Most annoying. Merely serve your dish with warmed maple syrup. Mrs. Lueck has taken too many liberties with my receipts. T.T.
This book contains 122 pages, more than 80 of Tasha's favorite family recipes and is full of her beautiful artwork. Good condition. Book was used and stored in kitchen. Minor wear to edges of just jacket, one small rip in cover that has been repaired.NO rips or tears or fold to any inside pages.