FIRST GOLD & SILVER BANKNOTES Ships & Pirates Lot Of 30 Shipping Info Description

World's First
Gold And Silver Banknotes

The Saga Of
Treasure Ships
And Pirates

Official Legal Tender Of
Antigua and Barbuda

artistic and literary contributions by
Alan D'Estrehan and
Christopher Moore

Official government issues of Antigua and Barbuda, originally minted sometime beginning in 1988,� and then from there on sent out monthly to collectors in Limited Edition, to only 20,000 presented World Wide. These are actually legal tender in their country, and can be changed to US currency for about $38 each (each one is $100 of the Barbuda currency) These banknotes are made with actual Pure 23k gold and .999 silver, weighing an average of 2.4 gr. each, or for a combined approximate weight of 70 gr. total.�

This stunning combination of artwork and history, each banknote depicts a treasure or pirate ship, and this set was originally commissioned by none other than Alan D'Estrehan, one of the world's foremost marine artists at the time. Individual banknotes are accompanied by captivating stories authored by Canadian historian Christopher Moore, telling the sagas and adventures, the myths and legends which surround our fascination with pirates, treasure ships, and
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