First pattern British Made ETO jacket

This an ORIGINAL first pattern ETO jacket. Made in England for use by the US Army in 1943/44. The jacket is in amazing shape with no mothing, holes or stains that I could see (I also had my wife double check for me). The only problem is that someone removed the tag. There's a laundry mark inside as seen, and some initials, but no name.
This jacket was purchased by me many years ago as material to aid in researching my article on these rare jackets ( published long ago in Militaria Magazine) . Someone's going to ask me who wore them, and the answer is anyone that could get them as they were a lot warmer than the standard field jacket. They were used by some rangers, and a handful of other troops based in the UK. The majority ended up beign issued to AAF flight crew as they were warm garment to wear in the cold airplanes. I've decided I no longer need two of everything so I hope to find it a happy home.
Size: I have no idea. The tag is gone. This is not a jacket for wearing. You want to wear one go buy one of the reproductions they now make. It is a small size and I would guess a 36, but I can't be sure so don't quote me on that.
. Please ask any questions befrore shipping.
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