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First Person: Stephen Jay Gould

On Evolution


Gould debunks popular myths of natural history

A rich set of readings explores views of evolution

In this eloquent volume in the First Person series, bestselling writer and evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould brings his enthusiasm and wide ranging intellect to bear on his favorite subjects: evolution and natural history. In a lecture delivered for this CD-ROM, Dr. Gould poses three riddles: Who was the naturalist on board the Beagle? Why didn't Charles Darwin use the word "evolution"? And why did he delay so long in publishing the most radical notion in the history of biology?

Helping you hunt for answers is a wealth of material branching from the central lecture: the best of Gould's published work on the subject (the entire text of Bully for Brontosaurus and nineteen additional essays); the complete text of Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle and Origin of the Species; excerpts from Darwin's personal correspondence; and related documents from historical figures such as Thomas Hardy and John Milton. Themes such as Creationism, Nature's Amorality, and
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