First TRUE Hellboy's illustration: Dime press#4!!!!!!!!

Dime press #4: the first Hellboy's illustration!!!

"Dime Press" is an independent Italian comic book publisher: it produced a series of 22 comics on various Italian characters(Dylan Dog, Tex, Nathan Neverâe¦.)!!! It's a very rare Italian fanzine that featured for the first time in the world Hellboy!!!

In #4 of this fanzine protagonists are a famous Italian character(Nathan Never) and, for the first time in his first illustration, Hellboy ; cover was designed by Nicola Mari and the great Mike Mignola!!!

Dime press #4 has an estimated print of only 2.000 copies and was only available in Italy!!!Itâe(tm)s very rare to find itâe¦ opportunity for true comics collectors!!! Imagine its value when you cannot find a copy! I remind you that only 2000 copies are avaible(really even fewer because many copies have been lost or destroyed)!!!

Take this opportunity before itâe(tm)s too late...

A short time ago it was thought that,the first apperance of Hellboy was dated december 1993( Next Men #21 ). Recently in an interview Mike Mignola declared that the true first appearance of this hero was may 1993 in the very rare Dime Press #4 !!!

's the interview:

"The Dime Press , if it's the Italian Fanzine that I'm thinking of, is the first drawing of the Hellboy that more or less exists
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